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At Mrohs Gas, Inc., our priority is taking care of our customers’ needs. We aim to make sure you are protected from changing propane prices. That is why every winter we offer a price-cap plan that guarantees your heating service in Salisbury, MD, is covered in the event of a steadily rising market. Additionally, if prices drop below the cap, your price will also go down.

Budget Payment Plans Available

To help ease the burden of high energy costs, we offer you a budget payment plan that balances your heating bill payments over ten equal monthly payments from August through May. This allows you two additional months to reconcile your budget before the next heating season.

We will periodically review your account to make sure your budget payment is adequate. Our budget payment plan can be used in combination with our price cap program, ensuring you will never be caught with an unexpectedly high bill at the worst possible time. This is a great program if you want to plan ahead for the upcoming heating season.

Competitive Prices & High Standards

Mrohs Gas is licensed, certified, and fully insured. Our team offers a diverse set of services that sets us apart from the competition. In addition to our propane services in Salisbury, MD, we offer HVAC repairs and installations, appliance repairs, and equipment upgrades. Don’t forget to ask us about an affordable gas grill, gas fire pit, or gas fireplace in Berlin, MD,.


Mrohs services residential, commercial and agricultural accounts in Salisbury, MD and the surrounding areas.

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